Response Of Plant To Over & Under Irrigation

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Responses of the plant to soil moisture conditions are generally well known to the farmers in irrigated areas.

If ample water is provided in the drier areas of the field, some water will pass below the root zone of the crop and become unavailable to plants.

A high water table with salt accumulation results in a severe decrease in the productive capacity of the soil, and thus a reduced income from the crop production. Yield losses and diseases are some other consequences of over-irrigation.

Therefore, farmers need to optimize their water use efficiency. Challenges like drought, evaporation, salinization, groundwater depletion, and lack of access to water reserves are getting sever for today’s farmers.

The water resource is decreasing day by day, yet it is the most important factor in farming, precision irrigation is the only solution today for judicious use of water throughout the process of farming.

Precise 24X7 field information, i.e., constant monitoring soil moisture content at the active root zone of the crop, Soil Temperature, Air Temperature & Air Humidity will help the farmers to decide when to irrigate & how much water to irrigate and tackle these challenges still delivering higher and better yields, even with much lesser water.

At KonceptogenAgrowe are passionate about innovation and technology to simply Precision Farming to improve the yield & reduce the production cost of our growers.

We are proudly associated with the premier technical & agricultural institutes and the Scientists to develop, manufacture & market devices to ease evidence-based decision-making of the farmers and the Agro-Consultants.

geoBHUMI is the long-awaited solution for Depth Profile Soil Moisture Management & precision farming for farmers

geoBHUMI conceptualized, designed & developed in technical collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay, Mumbai For more details, please write to or call + 91 985095 55503 / 983341 7576

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