geoBHUMI – A Revolution In Irrigation Water Management

 In Agro

        geoBHUMI is the device designed for farmers that provides accurate & conclusive information regarding Depth Profile Soil Moisture Content & relevant information like soil temperature, air temperature & air humidity to decide accurate irrigation cycle & optimum moisture required for the crop at different developmental stages. 

         geoBHUMI helps the farmer to accurately know water holding capacity, saturation point, wilting point & management allowable depletion (MAD) of their farming field in a simple pictorial display.

         geoBHUMI works 24X7 and provides Real-Time data At Any Hour & From Anywhere on the user’s fingertip. Once the device is installed in the field, the data can be measured & stored for weeks, months & years for analysis & take corrective actions.

         geoBHUMI reduces the cost of crop production by saving electricity & waterimprove the yield of a crop by maintaining optimum soil moisture, and optimize fertilizer & pesticide use.

At KonceptogenAgrowe are passionate about innovation and technology to simply Precision Farming to improve the yield & reduce the production cost of our growers. We are proudly associated with the premier technical & agricultural institutes and the Scientists to develop, manufacture & market devices to ease evidence-based decision-making of the farmers and the Agro-Consultants.

geoBHUMI is the long-awaited solution for Depth Profile Soil Moisture Management & precision farming for farmers. (geoBHUMI is conceptualized, designed & developed in technical collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay, Mumbai) 

For more details, please write to or call + 91 985095 55503 / 983341 7576

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