Access to Healthcare innovations

We intend to create a niche market with innovative products to provide effective wellness.


Passionate to improve every life



We believe every patient of India and Asian subcontinents deserves the most advanced medical technologies.

Our Purpose

At Konceptogen, we are passionate about technology to advance healthcare in the Asian subcontinent. 

We are determined to provide advanced facilities in healthcare which can be accessible to every patient in their fight to defeat the disease and a better future together with cost effective medical facilities that make a real difference to patients.

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Yearly Customers

What we do

Konceptogen provides an end-to-end solution that places their products in the hands of consumers across India and Asian subcontinents.

Efficient Healthcare Distribution

Konceptogen India supplies products to more than 40 distributors across India. Our investment in these business partnerships ensure we remain accountable to monthly and annual targets, so we can extend the reach of the brand and build strong relationships with retailers of all sizes.

Import & Export

Through an established global trading network, Konceptogen actively sources market-leading consumer products in the healthcare sector.

While the challenges of importation can be vast, our experience means we can manage every stage of the process quickly and efficiently. We also maintain full compliance with all relevant import & Export laws and regulations.

System for accurate reporting

Our regulatory team ensures compliance with local regulations related to the registration, import, secondary packaging and distribution of Healthcare products with or without drug license. Our extensive experience and knowledge keeps us well placed to successfully manage the regulatory aspects of your products in India and Asian subcontinents

Controlled Warehouse Facilities

Our purpose-built 7500 sq ft warehousing facilities located in Pune are audited and certified for compliance with best Distribution Practices. Our team is well equipped with the use of ERP to provide seamless experience to the company as well as our distributors. 

We continue to invest in infrastructure that improves our ability to store, transport and deliver products to distributors across India and  Asian subcontinents.

Supply Management

We distribute products through established and reputable transport networks that ensure your products are delivered accurately and on time. 

We work hard to avoid channel conflict and competing specials, while regularly reviewing our sales data to see how the product is performing as a whole. Our team is proactive about increasing sales and solving any problems that may arise, so we can enjoy consistent growth year after year.

Let's work together

Our team is ready to establish and grow your brand in the Indian markets. To request a copy of our company profile or arrange a discussion with CEO Ajay Mutha, contact us today


what the customers say's about our product and services

" Thank you all so much for the wonderful, comforting care you have provided my mother and my family. You truly saved her and eased so much on my mind. "

Member of Staff

" I admire the team at Konceptogen. They have the most soft-spoken and patient team that I have encountered. "


" Our tie-up with Konceptogen has been very long and I have encountered a seamless experience while closely working with them. I genuinely admire their problem-solving approach in the business followed by 100% trust. "

Vyaire Medical

" Konceptogen team stays up with their commitment. They take immediate steps to work on the feedback to fulfill customer service needs. I am very satisfied with the experience and look for further strengthening the relations. "