About Us

Konceptogen aims to create a family of people who can make to reality from an abstract idea to fill up the gap between reality & hidden needs and will improve patient care, medical research, agriculture or saving mother nature.


Passionate to improve every lives

Emphasis on Relationship

It’s only with strong relationships that a company, or really – any entity, can prosper. At Konceptogen, we have managed to build and continue to build upon strong bonds with customers, employees, distributors, suppliers and many others. All our relationships, which stand on shared trust and respect, have continued for several generations!

Driven by purpose

Right from the imminent issues scribbled on our white-boards to our long-term goals and plans for their strategic implementation, we believe that it is “purpose” alone that drives great businesses. It is Konceptogen’s strong sense of purpose that ensures we are at the forefront of employee progression, managing value delivery systems, new market penetration, expansion of sales channels, etc.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to quality is an incomparable virtue no matter what product one is manufacturing. Besides distributing the best technology, Konceptogen’s commitment to product quality extends across all activities

Access to healthcare innovation

If there is a way to satisfy a customer, we feel it is by getting innovative products to cure the disease efficiently. That’s simply the way we move forward. We constantly look for technical innovation to meet and even preempt evolving needs.

Our Mission

Advancing patient care of the Asian subcontinent with the best of the best healthcare technology at affordable prices.

Our Vision

We intend to create a niche market with innovative products to provide effective wellness & health management through our operational efficiency & domain expertise. We aspire to be the most respected organization, yet strive to be humble.

Our Infrastructure

KONCEPTOGEN is located at Pune, Maharashtra – 2nd largest industrial city & old capital of Maharashtra, 196 km off from the Mumbai shore. It is also known for being one of the largest IT hubs and preferred educational destination in India. As a result, Pune is blessed with an abundance of educated & skilled manpower recourse.

KONCEPTOGEN has 4500 sq. ft. office space and 7500 sq. ft warehouse area to maintain the best chain logistics. We also have manufacturing and service facilities for various devices.

Our People

KONCEPTOGEN aims to attain great heights, both at national and international levels based on the philosophy of quality, integrity, and customer service. The major driver of our growth trajectory sets us apart from the rest is the quality of our Human Resource.

Our people are an integral part of our success story and always the focal point of our very existence