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Data Analyst

  1. Understanding the business requirements to formulate the problems to solve and restrict the slice of data to be explored.
  2. Performing cleaning, processing, and validation on the data subject to analysis, to ensure its quality
  3. Exploring and visualizing data
  4. Performing statistical analysis and experiments to derive business insights.
  5. Communicating the findings from the analysis to turn information into something actionable through reports, dashboards, and/or presentations.

Pre- requisites

  1. Must have experience with data integration from multiple sources.
  2. Must have proficiency in SQL
  3. Must have experience with popular statistical and machine learning techniques, such as clustering, linear regression, KNN, decision trees, etc. 
  4. Must be good in scripting skills with Python or R
  5. Must have proficiency in at least one data visualization tool, such as Matplotlib, Plotly, D3.js, ggplot, etc.
  6. Must have experience with BI tools such as Tableau, Metabase, and Power BI